Friday, February 27, 2015

New Blog/Podcast

Hi friends. Jesse and I have started a new podcast. No more Bay Area rap stuff. Check it out:

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Done

I don't know if anyone still reads this blog, but here we go...

You probably have already heard the news about Jacka being murdered. My friend Joe texted to let me know tonight and I felt sick to my stomach as soon as I saw the headline.

I don't really know what to say.... It's beautiful how my twitter feed is literally nothing but people paying tribute to Jacka: celebrating his music and the impact he left on so many. Then I see posts like this from Ampichino and want to cry.

The Jacka was one of my favorite rappers of all time and his music is what got me back in to Bay Area rap and inspired me to start this blog in 2009. I was hearing this music that had such emotional depth, was intelligent and thought-provoking without ever being preachy, but at the same time catchy and accessible. I couldn't believe rappers like Jacka were not household names! The whole point of 100 Grand on My Wrist was to try and bring light to all the amazing music being produced in the Bay Area that was flying under the national radar and Jacka epitomized everything that was great about the scene.

His music was so many things: it could be so fun to listen to and catchy (enough so that he had a handful of local radio hits), hard as fuck and menacing, or introspective and deep beyond levels most rappers were ever able to achieve. I could go on listing all of his great songs and trying to describe what made them special, but what's the point. The Jack Artist, Mob Trial Vol. 1, Tear Gas, and Devilz Rejectz 1 & 2 are five of my favorite albums of all time.

Jacka's music has defined the Bay Area rap scene for over a decade and now he is gone. I have not listened to Bay Area rap in months and I think this is my cue to walk away from it all. Thanks to everyone that ever read this blog or listened to the podcast. Jesse and I will pop up doing something else, but I don't want anything to do with a music scene in which senseless violence like this is still happening regularly. Bay Area rap has been on the decline for years now and the death of Jacka signals the death of the scene and the death of this blog. Jacka's music will always stay with me and the impact it made on me is something I will never forget, but I'm done with Bay Area rap and done with 100 Grand on My Wrist.

Rest in Peace Jacka.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

100 Grand on My Wrist Podcast Episode #32

Oh hi! How are you? How about this weather? Is that a new shirt you're wearing?

On this show we discuss how I have the musical tastes of a teenage girl and how music determines your appearance, Jesse brags about all the friends he has who have cars, we discuss religion in rap music, listen to and discuss the best podcast intro ever, and ponder how embarrassed one should be by their past self. Plus Jesse is back with some red-hot dating advice! This time around he has some pro-tips about what to talk about on a date (important listen!).

Songs we played:

1.) The Jacka & Freeway ft. Rydah J. Klyde & Blahk Jesus "Gun Language"

2.) E Tha Turflord & Tha Homie Jai "LPK"

Ok that's it for now! More podcasts coming soon. This might be our last in-person podcast for a bit, but thanks to internet technology we will continue podcasting long distance. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mix #40: Waiting 2 Die Vol. 1

I'm from the Southside where ain't no tellin' when I might die
I got a son he only 2 will I see 25?
I pray to God I ask him questions but get no reply
I count my blessings but I'm stressed with so much on my mind

-Saint 300, "Loyalty"

Here is a collection of Midwestern Sad Raps that I have been listening to a lot lately. I pretty much exclusively listen to this type of rap nowadays.

Listen as the chipmunk soul samples float interchangeably through each song with anonymous rapper after anonymous rapper struggling with the morality of selling drugs to survive in their environment over lo-fi production. The Midwest has carved its own unique subgenre of gangster rap music that uses The Jacka's "Never Blink" as its template: surpassing any type of glitz and bravado in order to revel in the internal struggle created by constantly being surrounded by drugs and violence.

Some of these are old songs, most of these are new songs, all of these are good songs.


1.) Rich P "I Remember"
2.) Ampichino ft. Young Bossi & Young Malice "Whirlwind"
3.) Ty Da Kid ft. P3 "See Thru My Eyes"
4.) Kiss Sinatra ft. Che Dolla "Da Game"
5.) Eazy Racks "Look n My Life"
6.) The Jacka ft. Ampichino & Kae 1 "See It Threw"
7.) SolidGang "Dreamin and Hopin"
8.) Saint 300 ft. Mic Strong & Feddy Da Sneak
9.) Lambo Lace ft. Rydah J. Klyde "My Whole Life"
10.) Jack Tunny ft. Ty Da Kid "More Less"
11.) Rich P & LIS ft. Hoodscrilla & Rell "I Can't Get Enough"
12.) Ray Brickz "Real Life"
13.) AOne ft. Joe Blow, Lil Jay & Lil Rue "Holding the Mac"
14.) K. Jizzle ft. Live & Cartiyay "Weather the Storm"
15.) Feddy Da Sneak ft. Ag & Saint 300 "Trap Goin Crazy"


Monday, October 6, 2014

100 Grand on My Wrist Podcast Episode #31

Hello and welcome back to the 100 Grand on My Wrist Podcast! Jetsetting playboy and podcast co-host Jesse decided to swing by the 100 Grand studios for a hot minute before hopping on a yacht with ethnic supermodels and boy, did we have a "grand" old time.
On this show we try to determine the link between a rapper's name and the quality of their music by listening to two new rappers with a decidedly tight and awful rap name.
Plus we have multiple new sponsors, Jesse reveals he is working on some new rap songs, and so so so much more! THIS IS A HIGH QUALITY EPISODE.

1.) Rich P ft. P3 & LIS "Loyalty 1st"

Very important Rich P song that we discussed (essential listening):

2.) Ty Da Kid ft. P3, Saint 300 & Feddy Da Sneak "Shooters in the Cut"

Songs we played as part of the good rap name/bad rap name game:

Yukmouth ft. Lyrical Diversity "Kush for a Band"

Yung Dang "Bricks on the Way"

Here is the awesome Rich P album cover we discussed in detail:

That's it, enjoy! Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, September 8, 2014

100 Grand on My Wrist Podcast Episode #30

Oh hi and welcome back to the 100 Grand on my Wrist podcast. Apologies about the extended hiatus, but we are back now and better than ever (questionable statement #1).
One big change you may notice is that Jesse and myself are now podcasting with Skype due to the fact that we live in different states. No worries though, we still have great chemistry and are super hilarious and entertaining together (questionable statement #2).

In this episode we discuss what we have been up to during the podcast hiatus, the female population of Olympia, WA, DJ Paul's little arm, rap music being used in court, rappers wearing lumberjack hats in music videos, Jesse's crush on Monica Lewinsky and SO MUCH MORE.

Songs Played:

1.) Lil Mo ft. Rondoe & F.A. "Killa City" (this song has supper shitty sound quality on the podcast for some reason, IDK)

Also we discussed, but did not play this song/video:

2.) Twan G ft. K. Jizzle, Shoddy Boi & Live Cinema "Dope Man"

Here are the awesome Rich the Factor shirts that Jesse was referring to in the podcast:

Thanks for tuning in and not forgetting about us, we'll be back with a new episode in a couple weeks!

Monday, June 16, 2014

100 Grand on My Wrist Podcast Episode #29

Oh hi everyone, HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the "Farewell Jesse" episode. That's right listeners, Jesse is heading up North back to college and this is the final episode the two of us will be doing in person for quite a while.
Before you crumple into a ball of tears know that we are still going to try and keep doing the podcasts long distance thanks to 21st century technology.
Also take comfort in this awesome podcast episode: we open things up by sort of reflecting on our time together over "Graduation (Friends Forever)," then we have brilliant suggestions for Joe Blow's future projects.
Jesse has some hilarious observations about a particular Kansas City rap song and some awesome live reads from our sponsors. Later we tackle the topic of "feelings," discuss Andre Nickatina's latest song/video, Jesse delivers an extremely long and pretentious speech (that I heavily edited down), and so much more!
This is a "MUST LISTEN" episode!

Songs We Played at Least Part of:

1.) Vitamin C "Graduation (Friends Forever)"

2.) Joe Blow "Young N Dumb"

3.) Joe Blow "Mob Reflections"

4.) C.W. Da YoungBlood ft. Young Twon

5.) Andre Nickatina "WGz with the BBz"

6.) Green Day "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" Editor's Note: Idk bros

See you next week!