Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rappers Dissing Each Other

Let's take this to the waters brah!

I didn't really want to speak on this, because I thought it would blow over pretty quick, but fuck it. Messy Marv started talking shit to Too Short over Twitter a week or so ago and followed that with a diss song. Too Short responded by giving an interview saying Mess is crazy and he will not be responding in any other manner, but then followed that by releasing a diss song. JT The Bigga Figga then threw himself into the mix and released a diss song against Messy Marv.
Here are the diss songs:

First off, despite the lyrical content, this song is pretty great. The beat and his raps sound like Messy Marv a la Bandanas, Tattoos & Tongue Rings, which was arguably the peak of his career. Maybe this beef will inspire Messy Marv to start making good music again? Messy Marv basically states that Too Short doesn't help out any local rappers and he is not really from the Bay. Messy Marv ends the song by talking about how he is a millionaire (lol) and says that when he sees him, "you know you going to have to get in the middle of the street and take off that tight ass FUBU shirt and show everyone you out of shape bitch-ass n****." Mess is hilarious, but I'm pretty sure he is more of a chub-chub than Short.

I appreciate the fact that Short is threatening Messy Marv with actual physical violence here, like multiple times he says he wants to meet up and fight. Too Short makes the obvious complaints about Mess; that Messy Marv is a fake Blood studio gangster, only talks shit on the internet, a cokehead and is not in the Bay anymore. Too Short states the main reason he decided to respond with a diss song is because of something Mess said about San Quinn's mother, not really sure what that is about. I appreciate the fact that Too Short calls him 'Marvin.'

It's funny how everyone in the internet is all of a sudden jumping on board the JT train and calling him a legend and shit, because he has not been relevant in the scene for a loooong time. He is probably best known for recycling the hell out of all his songs and doing some real shady business in the Bay. With that said, this song is pretty raw and definitely the most mainey of the disses. Like this song has me like, 'whoa everyone relax for a minute.' Is JT going to start making good music again? That would be cool. JT's monologue at the end of this song is pretty hilarious, "when I see you... Imma put hands and feet on yo muthafuckin' ass," did JT just threaten him with both punches and kicks?!? That's some serious shit!

Basically Too Short's interview confirms everyone's suspicion that Messy Marv is a paranoid cokehead who has imagined a situation where Too Short dissed him and everyone was laughing at him (disrespectfully of course.)

Messy Marv is kind of vague about his specific problems with Too Short, like exactly what was he saying that was disrespectful? Also big lol at Messy Marv pretending to not know who JT The Bigga Figga is, when they've done several songs together. Hell, there is even a music video that the two of them did way back when. Basically Mess' main complaint is that Too Short is always saying he represents the Bay, but he never helps out any local artists. His argument is kind of weak though, off top I can think of a handful of artists Too Short has put on in the last decade, hell he even got The Pack a major label deal.

Someone said this in the comments of this interview, which made me lol pretty hard: "JIM JONES, LIL WAYNE, MARV ARE IN THE SAME BLOOD SET. THE WWW. GOOGLE.COM PIRU BLOOD'S. FROM TWITTER VILLE."
Holy shit that's golden.

The general consensus on the internet is that Messy Marv has crossed the line this time and he is just doing this for promotion. Like I can literally not find a single person defending Messy Marv on this one, which I'm guessing is not the reaction he was hoping for when he started this.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this?


  1. "Your respect is over n****! Your credibility is worse than my credit score n**** - and that's terrible!" - JT The Bigga Figga

    Best part of this whole thing lol. I know you had to say SOMETHING about this situation Thomas, but I'm really hoping you cover Main Attrakionz new album next. Bay album of the year so far.

  2. To be honest I haven't listened to the new Main Attrakionz yet! I can't wait though, I've been hearing good things and Blackberry Ku$h is probably my favorite album of the year thus far.

  3. Messy Marv beefs always seem to bring the best comedy out of rappers - ie. Quinn's diss joint with the theme that he'd let Mess shit on his momma's toilet.

  4. amsterdam fillmoe rap appreciation clubAugust 20, 2011 at 4:46 AM

    messy marv lost. he is a fake gangbanger and now he's exposed. Met JT and Too $hort a while back, seemed like down to earth nice people.

  5. My thoughts and feelings are that this is a very funny writeup. That, and also Messy Marv is fucking crazy.

  6. I can roast all a yall